The Electric Powered Push-Pull Handcart
to reduce Musculoskeletal Disorders in professional settings.



The Tir’pouss is a tailor-made electric-powered push-pull handcart designed specifically for your production requirements (types of load, agri-food standards, operators, operating speeds, …).


This design is based on the analysis of three modules: the load anchoring module, the taxi and assistance module and the control and steering module.
This method allows you to have an electric-assisted push-pull handcart fully adapted to your needs.



With a Tir’Pouss push-pull handcart, work to reduce musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are the leading cause of occupational disease in France.
Balin’s electric powered push-pull handcart focuses primarily on musculoskeletal disorders related to load transport (lifting and shifting of the load).

The design of the different modules of the Tir’pouss makes it possible to change the ergonomics of work and the posture of the operator, thus reducing the MSDs at the level of the biomechanical stresses.

Tir’pouss to facilitate production

Speed and precision

The design of the Tir’Pouss handcart makes it possible to be very precise during the approach, hooking and moving phases of the load to be moved, without sacrificing the speed of execution of the displacements.


The studied positioning of the rolling module allows the Tir’Pouss to benefit from an excellent maneuverability, as well when empty as in load, while pulling or pushing.


The Tir’Pouss electric- powered push-pull handcart can secure the load with the anchor module in a single, safe, fast and ergonomic movement, allowing complete movement without the risk of losing the load during travel.


The tailor-made design of the Tir’Pouss handcart is based on advanced customization of the various anchor, taxi and control modules.
It also responds, if necessary, to the demanding constraints of the agri-food industry.

Tir’pouss in details

Anchoring module

This module, designed specifically for your production equipment, is dedicated to the anchoring of the electric assistance puller-pusher handcart.

The objective is to allow the anchoring of the load with a fast movement of the foot, then to transport it from one point to another before detaching the whole, always with a movement of the foot.

Control module

This module is dedicated to driving the push-pull handcart. It allows the operator, regardless of size and morphology, to manipulate Tir’pouss quickly and accurately.

Running module

This module is dedicated to the electrical assistance of the push-pull handcart. It works in close (wireless) connection with the control module.

Associated services and accessories

The Tir’pouss is a tailor-made electric powered push-pull handcart designed specifically for your specific production needs (types of load, agri-food standards, operators, operating rates, …).

Maintenance of Tir’Pouss is integrated from the design stage, to limit and facilitate daily maintenance operations.

Balin designs and manufactures accessories to extend the uses of the Tir’Pouss cart.