Associated services and accessories

Tir’Pouss is the fusion of a totally custom design and industrial manufacturing.

The Tir’pouss is a tailor-made electric powered push-pull handcart designed specifically for your particular production needs (types of load, agri-food standards, operators, operating rates,…).

Maintenance of Tir’Pouss is integrated from the design stage, to limit and facilitate daily maintenance operations.


Balin has a strong experience in the design and manufacture of industrial products
The Tir’Pouss handcart can be designed specifically to your own constraints: type of elements to move, modularity of the use of the handcart, load lifting and / or locking device, specific mechanical adaptations,…

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Balin has a strong experience in the design and manufacture of products specific to the food industry.

The Tir’Pouss handcart can be designed specifically for these particular constraints: humid and saline atmosphere, wet soils, frequent cleaning constraints, absence of microbial retention zones, integral stainless treatment, contained fluids,…

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Assistance and maintenance

The unique design of the electric-powered push-pull handcart makes maintenance on the Tir’pouss very low.

The maintenance is integrated from the design, for more ease:

  • Complete traceability with unique trolley identification number
  • Maintenance kits
  • Revisions
  • Factory refurbishment

All elements are easily accessible and removable: drawbar, control module, rolling module, castors, bearings, springs, cylinders,…

We have a stock of replacement parts to assist you, if necessary, quickly.


Balin also designs, in addition to the Tir’Pouss trolley, accessories to extend transport capacities and production ergonomics.

Some examples of accessories:

Bin ties

These accessories make it possible to attach food containers to each other in order to increase the transport capacities of the Tir’Pouss trolley.

Bin attachment by interlocking

Bin attachment with clamps

Integrated jib crane for bin attachments

Load bracket

This accessory makes it possible to easily load the wheel of the Tir’Pouss trolley, while avoiding accidental use of the trolley while it is being loaded.

Load bracket

Positioning the load bracket

Custom accessories

Balin can design and manufacture any type of accessories according to your own constraints.
Do not hesitate to consult us on this subject.