Facilitate production

A tailor-made design for optimized performance

The Tir’pouss is a tailor-made electric powered push-pull handcart designed specifically for your specific production needs (types of load, agri-food standards, operators, operating rates, …).

The first advantage of Tir’Pouss’s specific design is the reduction of MSDs, which improves the working conditions of operators in the short term (hardship, discomfort,…) and in the medium term (absenteeism, sick leave, motivation,…).

But the bespoke design of the Electric Powered Push-Pull handcart according to your own production criteria also makes it easier and better to improve your internal processes.

Speed and precision

The Tir’Pouss handcart design allows the operator to be very precise during the approach, anchoring and moving phases of the load to be moved, without sacrificing the speed of execution of these maneuvers.

Electrical assistance is easy to set, to avoid the on-off effect that can sometimes exist with electric motors. The adjustment is progressive in both directions (forward and backward), with intuitive ergonomics due to the design of the steering handles.

Once the load is hooked up and launched, the power assist can be maintained during travel (with an effect on battery life) or disengaged to allow the operator to control the driving speed.


The studied positioning of the rolling module allows the Tir’Pouss to benefit from an excellent maneuverability, as well when empty as in load, while pulling or pushing.

The motorized wheel is located precisely under the pivot axis of the tilting control module, which allows the push-pull handcart to make, according to the position of the drawbar, fast and precise turns, almost turning on itself.

This makes it possible to handle loads in reduced environments, such as corridors or small rooms.

Securing the load

The Tir’Pouss electric assist push-pull handcart can be used without anchoring the load, pushing it (like a traditional pallet fork lift).

But the best is to secure the load with the anchor module, which allows, in a single safe, fast and ergonomic gesture, to anchor the load on the truck, allowing a complete fluidity of movement without risk of losing load.

In addition, the progressive start of the electrical assistance makes it possible to avoid jolts of the contents of the load, with the risks of overflows of material.


The custom design of the Tir’Pouss handcart is based on advanced customization of the different modules:

The anchor module is designed specifically for the elements you need to move (DIN 9797 food tank, batteries, container,…). The anchoring device of the load is adapted to your specific constraints.

The rolling module is also designed to adapt to your constraints and your production environment: medical, food or industrial wheel tires, fast or normal load, permutation of the motorized wheel for continuous production, double synchronized motorization,…

The control module is parameterized according to your needs: progressivity of the electric assistance, speed of movement, control by drawbar, by sensitive push bar, by joystick, by mini-drawbar with hydraulic assistance,…

Agri-food specificities

Balin has a strong experience in the design and manufacture of products specific to the food industry.

The Tir’Pouss handcart can be designed specifically for these particular constraints: humid and saline atmosphere, wet soils, frequent cleaning constraints, absence of microbial retention zones, integral stainless treatment, contained fluids,…